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    Label printing company and material supplier
    Printing manufacturer
    Toppan Win Label has obtained the FSC certification!
    Toppan Win Label's vision is to become a worldwide leading label printing company.
    Label printing company and material supplier in Hong Kong and China
    1976 - Win Label Co. Ltd. was established
    1985 - UL, CSA Recognized Label Supplier (till now)
    1986 - Distributor of KK Converter (till now)
    1992 - Set up of Shenzhen China Factory
    1994 - 1st 12-Color Ko-pack for producing Max-Labels
    1995 - Set-up of Dongguan Win Label Printing Co. Ltd.
    1995 - Distributor of Avery Dennison Fasson Products (till now)
    1999 - ISO9002:1994 certificate obtained
    2001 - Authorized Label Printer of Medicine
    2002 - ISO9001:2000 certificate obtained
    2004 - Top 100 Printers in Guangdong China
    2010 - National Patent for Thermal Transferable Type of Hanger Label
    2011 - Top 30 Competitiveness Ranking of China Labels Printing Enterprise
    2014 - Win Label Co. Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited.
    Hanger Labels
    (I.V. Infusion hanger labeling)
    Intravenous therapy or I.V. therapy is the giving of liquid substances directly into the vein. The accurate information on the hanger label is important to ensure that the right ....
    Hanger label (Infusion hanger labeling)
    Pre-Press production equipment & machinery
    Printing manufacturer
    Toppan Win Label recognizes that Pre-press is a vital step in the printing process. To ensure perfect printing, it carries an extensive range of equipment...
    Peel & Read Labels
    The limitation of information space is a real problem in cosmetic & health product industries. Peel & Read Labels provide solutions as...
    Peel & Read Labels
    Printing Know-how
    Printing factory
    With a wide combination of presses, it is easy to find the right press to suit your printing requirements. Our printing machinery ...
    Syringe Labels/Test Tube Labels
    A syringe label wrapped around the syringe must be tightly adhered and rightly positioned on its surface to ensure the graduation markings are...
    Syringe label / Test tube label
    Post-Press & Finishing 星空娱乐app下载安装
    Material supply
    Finishing the substrate is as challenging as printing on different substrates. Toppan Win Label has a variety of post-press 星空娱乐app下载安装 including...
    Color Proofing Devices
    Printing china
    To reproduce vivid colors for an accurate image, a wide range of color proofing devices is required. Our range includes the X-rite transmission ...
    Label printing, Print label, Printing manufacturer High quality printing and packaging solution of adhesive
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